I have developed a five phase therapeutic platform to bridge the physical and emotional aspects of infertility. It’s like yoga for your mind: a circuit of stretches and strength training to get you in better shape to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. Together a woman, her partner and I will work on clearing the mental, cleansing the physical, and connecting the two. The result is a strong and thriving foundation of fertility and overall wellness.

Baby Steps Toward a Life of Love:

1. Clear the Deck

We interact with positive, neutral, and toxic people every day. In this phase I teach you how to minimize negative interactions with toxic people, control the emotional climate of necessary interactions with toxic and neutral people, and prioritize spending time with positive people in your life.  I will also help you identify and build a team of people you can count on to be of crucial assistance in your pregnancy process.

2. Reinforce Your Relationship

Starting a family can be an exciting time in the life of a couple. When the process doesn’t go as expected, sometimes couples grow closer, but often tensions arise. Your intimate connection, both emotional and physical, is the foundation of your family.  Studies show that it is more difficult to conceive and maintain a pregnancy if there are difficulties in a romantic relationship. Shoring up your connection as a couple is beneficial to you, to him, and to the baby you will soon be having!

3. Cultivate Creativity

Many well known artists, writers, and composers throughout history had more than one creative talent, and made time for their imaginative hobby alongside their professional pursuits. You are trying to create a baby. Procreation is not a chore, but rather something fulfilling and fun. While you are working on one masterpiece, I will help you focus on being creative in other ways. Directing your creative energy in more than one direction will not limit it, but rather multiply it.

4. Exhale Negativity

Negative emotions including worry, sadness, shame, guilt, and anger can build up like negative fertility tests when conception doesn’t occur. People may offer support we find comforting, but sometimes the questions of friends and family members get a little too invasive, and our partner is not supportive in ways we find meaningful. In this phase, I teach couples how to let go of their anger, sorrow, resentment and pain instead of dwelling in negative emotions. A focus on gratitude, positive approaches to current difficulties, and effective ways to communicate support and care are cultivated.

5. Prioritize Joy

This step is all about fun, relaxation, play, and romance. I encourage couples to date their partners, and rediscover the reason they fell in love in the first place. Visit the place you first met, play arcade games, go out dancing, shop for new lingerie, role-play, and play in general.  Together we will cultivate a plan to bring joy and pleasure into your daily life. Miraculous things happen when you are not trying to force them.