Cheeseburgers at Midnight

Last night I was in bed with a novel when my phone started buzzing with incoming texts.


I’m here.



Grab a sweater, put on some sneakers.  


It was a friend, who had just flown home from a two week Hawaiian vacation. It was almost midnight. I’d been really stressed out for a couple of days. I’d left some long voice mails on her phone.


We drove to In-and-Out Burger, and went inside. I flipped through vacation pictures on her iPhone, she ordered us cheeseburgers and fries animal style.


Her house is in the opposite direction from mine leaving long-term airport parking. Her flight was delayed, and populated with crying babies. She drove to cheer me up as soon as she landed, and didn’t call ahead because she knew I’d try to dissuade her.  It was a striking act of kindness. She’s consistently that sort of friend.


As I tried to jog away my sleepiness this morning, I thought how much less I was stressed. Either I really needed a cheeseburger, or there isn’t much that can’t be helped by an act of real friendship.

 #stressrelief #friendship #health