10 things to remember when it seems like everything is wrong

One thing that is true about relationships: when they are going right, other things in life don’t seem quite as bad—but when they are going wrong, everything seems a whole lot worse.


Here are 10 pieces of popular wisdom to remember when everything seems to be going wrong (including your relationship):


1.     Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

2.     Every time it rains, it eventually stops. The sun will come out tomorrow. This too shall pass.

3.     Worrying is wasteful and useless. Don’t be made useless.

4.     The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

5.     Success in life isn’t about the setbacks—it’s about how you handle the setbacks.

6.     Other people’s negativity is not your business.

7.     When you’re going through hell keep going. The only way out is through.

8.     Some things are going well. Count your blessings.

9.     You have control of your attitude and reaction—something good will come out of this if you decide that it will

10.  You do you. Take care of yourself.