Stress and Fertility

Did you know that STRESS inhibits your fertility?

When we are stressed out, our brains secrete a hormone called cortisol. In many cases, cortisol prevents a zygote from attaching to the wall of the uterus. In other cases it causes a zygote to attach so loosely it does not develop properly and its growth stops. The zygote is then carried out of the body. 

How can you prevent cortisol from harming you and your pregnancy? 

Produce endorphins to counter cortisol. 

Endorphins are chemicals also produced in our brains that make their way throughout our nervous systems. The secretion of endorphins gives us a natural high feeling of euphoria, increases our immune response, and triggers the release of sex hormones. All of these things are AMAZING for fertility!

How do you get more endorphins?  

Exercise in any form releases endorphins, when it is strenuous enough.  Acupuncture, meditation, massage, and sex all have been shown to stimulate endorphin secretion as well. So, try new things. See what relaxes you and/or makes you feel happy and alive. 

Don't only have sex for procreation. Be adventurous. Mix it up. Have FUN. Your ovulation cycle is important, but so is your relationship. Afraid of needles? You won't notice the teeny tiny ones used in acupuncture (just close your eyes while they are being placed).  Think you can't meditate? Do it in a class so someone leads the way. Get a great massage, pay attention to what is done, then go home and give one. Hate the gym? Run, swim, or take a training class outdoors. Experiment with different endorphine producers until you find a few you enjoy doing ... and keep doing them. You will be less stressed, feel happier, and improve your fertility all at once!