Food for Fertility part 1

Prepping for pregnancy?  Wondering what foods you should be eating to help the process?

Let’s break it up by vitamins and nutrients that promote fertility.

Vitamin D

How much Vitamin D are you eating? Vitamin D is essential in regulating cell growth. Sure, you can spend time in the sunshine and get some vitamin D that way, but you are also inviting sun damage and premature wrinkling when you grab your board shorts or bikini and a bottle of suntan oil. Get some sun, but wear SPF, put on a sunhat, and enjoy good weather…then get the majority of Vitamin D from food. Your skin will thank you later, plus you will get more Vitamin D by ingesting it. Incorporate the following into your diet:

Fresh caught fish that are not bottom feeders. Try wild salmon and herring.

Cod Liver Oil. You can get this as a bottle of oil or in a capsule, and both allow your body to assimilate the oil quickly and easily. Why are you taking this? It is the richest source of Vitamin D we know of…so grab some today.

Pasteurized eggs…yolks and all. Yes. You heard right. You should be eating some cholesterol, and as long as you buy eggs gathered from chickens that run around in the sun (they absorb Vitamin D from the sun and pass that on to you), you are doing something great for your body. 

Butter. Don’t overdo it, but a little organic, hormone free butter from grass fed, free-range cows is fantastic for you. Try putting a little on veggies or whole grain bread. It will boost the flavor, and your cell growth.

Incorporate these things into your diet, and I'll fill you in on other fertility foods soon! Healthy bodies make healthy babies.